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Ph: 587-227-7492

(Local Calgary No.)

Home Services

Included Services
Interior and exterior surveillance with staggered visits
Visual check for pests and rodents
Completed report with each visit
Digital electronic record of each visit
Storm Check

- within 12 hours of a reported wind or hail storm in your area
Pick up paper and flyers from front entryway / home mailbox
Set utilities for absence

- lower water heaters, set interior temp to 15C/60F
Set utilities on return

- water heater back to original setting / interior temp as agreed
Water interior plants ( first five free)
Immediate notification of any emergencies

Additional Services Available – Free estimates
Feed indoor pets
Empty / change pet litter box
Put out and retrieve trash carts on trash day
Water interior plants (more than five)
Drop off dry cleaning
Water lawn / outdoor garden
Pets to and from kennel
Drop off vehicle for service
Start / move vehicles
Shipping out of items left behind
24 hour Emergency Responder for Fire / Police / Alarm Company

- if requested at your home
Wait services for repair / maintenance
Errand services as required